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Reiki for Animals

Your Session:

In our 1-hour session, your animal will receive:

15-30 minutes of Reiki

  • Duration depends upon how much energy the animal is willing to take in at that moment.

  • Location of Reiki session will be determined on a case-by-case basis.  (Please refer to What is Reiki? for details).

  • Go to Client Agreement & Information to get started.

The remainder of the time is spent:

  • Identifying the needs of your animal, what are the behavioral issues, if any;  and what are the physical issues, if any.

  • Discussing energetic dynamic (how are you feeling and reacting around the animal) in the home.

  • Establishing a plan to find balance with the current situation.


Whether it is behavioral or physical issues, the frequency of sessions depends entirely on each animal's needs.

"We carry around in our body/mind the physical memory of every emotional experience we've ever had. I call this physical memory...our "emotional battery."  This is what our dog tunes into and responds to accordingly. "

Kevin Behan, Your Dog is Your Mirror

Reiki Perdy.jpg

"The greatness of a nation and it's moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."

Mahatma Gandhi

Meet Perdy

Perdy was a rescue from Pet Helpers, Charleston, SC... who received 3 sessions of Reiki after being returned 5 times by previous owners due to behavioral issues.

For her first Reiki session, Perdy displayed stressful behavior and paced the room.

The second session, Perdy allowed me to work on her and was able to relax for a few minutes, and then quickly let me know when she was finished.

Third session (see photo): Perdy decided that she enjoyed receiving Reiki when she laid down immediately to receive and fell asleep toward the end of the session. 

I am happy to report that Perdy has remained in her new home for the last three years.


I am a dog trainer who uses conventional training methods, and I also know that this method is not always what is needed in some of my client's cases.  I had a new client with 5 dogs.  Two of the dogs had gotten into major fights, with visits to the vets and the concern was that one day, a dog was going to die in the fighting.  After visiting with the client and meeting the dogs, I knew I needed to have Tonya work with one of the dogs, while I also gave training advice for the owner.  After 3 sessions with Tonya, there was no more fighting.  The dog did not even engage with one of the other dogs when it was challenging him.  I will continue to use Tonya's skills as an amazing Reiki resource.

Heather Szasz  

Animal Behaviour College Mentor

I have known Tonya for many years but have just recently enlisted her expertise as an animal Reiki master. I recently adopted a dog and not knowing her background, Tonya came over and observed her behavior, my behavior, and I was amazed at how responsive and receptive my dog was to Tonya giving her Reiki. Tonya has also helped me to be more aware of my emotions and their effect on my pets.

Lisa Dominick

Tonya's natural, healing energy was so helpful for my golden retriever's anxiety! Not only did he really take to the reiki, especially in the third session, but she also helped guide me towards knowing him and myself better. I feel more connected to him and have clearer direction to continue to support his emotional needs along with my own. We have both grown and healed a lot through our 3 sessions, more than I had expected. I have recommended Tonya to my friends and clients (as a therapist myself) and highly recommend her and her services to anyone wanting to care for and connect with their dog - I am grateful that Tonya came into my life when she did!  

Maggie Poandl, Charleston, SC

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